RAP Message in these trying moments

The Reading Association of the Philippines sends its prayers and support to the victims of the horrific typhoon Haiyan and other calamities that have struck Central Philippines in recent times.  Amidst all the destruction, the hopelessness, the pain of losing loved ones, the hunger and the desperation, we believe that we are meant to survive, to  learn and to rise again from this experience. There is something good that will eventually come out of this seemingly horrible situation. We thank the generosity, kindness, support and love of our fellow Filipinos and the international community who have responded to the needs of our countrymen. Let us not stop praying, helping and giving hope to those who need us most at a time like this. This is the moment when we see the nobility of the human race – the strength, courage and love of people who suffered from the destructive forces of nature and the inspiration we can draw from generous and loving people from all over the country and the world. If this is what it takes to unite every region and nation on earth, then the sacrifice is all worth it. The world becomes such a wonderful  place when selflessness, kindness and love for one another prevails.


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