RAP Teacher Training in Pasay

Last November 29, 2014 at the Department of Education Division Office in Pasay, the Reading Association of the Philippines in partnership with Rotary Club Pasay West and literacy coach Victoria Lagoutte, held a workshop  for public school teachers from Pasay.  The workshop was dubbed as, “Training of Grade 2 Teachers on Literacy Enhancement Program (Read Aloud Project).” The workshop was facilitated by Victoria Lagoutte of the American School in Paris, who was ably assisted by RAP Board members Fe Novilunio, Heidi Macahilig and Remedios Nanawa. Also present to help RAP was Daisy Calado of Readabiity Clinis.

The purpose of the workshop was to train the teachers on how to use Read Aloud as a strategy to enhance literacy learning in their classrooms and help their students be efficient and effective readers.
The workshop was participated by 175 principals and grade 2 teachers. A follow-up training is expected to be held in May 2015.
Maria Victoria Lagoutte, Daisy Calado, RAP board, DepEd Pasay Officials, Rotary Club Officials
Ms. Maria Victoria Lagoutte with the participantspw1
RAP board with the participants

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