Blue Lights for Literacy

This is the Philippine extension of an IRA-initiated fund-raising vehicle called 1000 Candles for Literacy designed to support affiliates or local chapters in the conduct of their respective thrusts on literacy advocacy. Slated to be launched during the coming November conference each donor who donates at least a thousand pesos gets a blue vigil candle as token of thanks. The bigger the donation, the bigger the candle. Not only does “blue” refer to the candle’s color, it refers more strongly to the color of the thousand-peso bill that is used by the Philippine currency.

Fun Run for Literacy

Kwentuhan sa Day Care

RAP-on-Wheels / Rap-on-Wings Program

Started in 1993, this program aims to respond to the request of schools or groups of teachers from the grass roots level to avail of RAP’s roster of modules on several areas of concern. These are half a dozen training modules that include teaching beginning reading, remediation in reading and reading in the content areas. Meant to assist clients who are unable to come to the conferences and demofests, a RAP Board member or two could be invited and would expect only transportation and accommodations but professional fee is optional. Response to requests will be dependent on how the clients are evaluated by a set of criteria for selection. These are called modules because the original writers need not conduct the training themselves. Any other competent member appointed by RAP can easily utilize the materials during the training.


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